#4 of 2012: A Sense of Adventure

Team Name: Two Guys, A Girl, and a Bad Ump

There is absolutely no point in being boring.  I’ve learned that it is important to try to do as many things as possible and 2012 was a pretty good year for upping the adventure quotient.  In particular, there are three things that I did this year that I really enjoyed and would absolutely do again.

The first is the Great Urban Race.  In case you’re not familiar, the GUR is a race that takes place in the middle of a city.  This year, I did the event in Madison with Tim Polcyn, Shaun Nivens, and Katy Franzen.  The object of the race is to complete all of the clues in this city-wide scavenger hunt.  Some of the items included solving a puzzle, having one member jump into a giant inflated bag from a couple stories up, and stringing your own beads.  Our team did great and we finished with a respectable time (I can’t remember our time now, unfortunately — strike that… As I looked for the picture, I found our time.  It was 3:33:07).  It was a blast and I wouldn’t mind doing it again.

Gladiator Assault Challenge: Chuck and I before and after the race.

2012 was also the year I did my second adventure run.  This one, called the Gladiator Assault Challenge, was a 7-miler, yeah, 7 miles!  It involved climbing up cargo nets, over walls, through mud, and jumping into some really cold water (didn’t really expect it to be THAT cold).  I did the race with Chuck Koch and I think we were both pretty proud of our efforts considering the length of the course.  The event was held at Lake Geneva (side note: Hugh Hefner had his first Playboy Club there and there was a recording studio where Iron Maiden, Crash Test Dummies, and Cheap Trick recorded) in southeastern Wisconsin.  If you’re interested in doing this next year, let me know!  I definitely plan on doing it again! (Photos)

Finally, this was the year that I finally played paintball for the first time.  While I’ve never been one to run around and shoot people with balls of paint, I decided to give it a try.  It was definitely a good time.  We played a couple of times this year.  The first was with a bunch of people from Weather Central.  Then, I played again with more people from WI during a bachelor party.  I also got a chance to play a couple of times during my vacation back home in PA.  Once with some old friends from Johnstown then again for Rich Underwood’s bachelor party.  All in all, it was a great time and I look forward to playing again.

That wasn’t all of my adventures of 2012, but those are a few of the highlights.  What a fun year it has been!  I’ll talk a little more about another adventure when I get to tomorrow’s post in the Top 7 of 2012.  Until then, enjoy checking out the links above.

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