#1 of 2012: The Sky Is The Limit

I hope all of you get to play my game someday!

Wow!  2012 was a great year with a lot of fun memories.  We’ve gone through the top 6 of 2012 so far and this, my friends, is my top moment of 2012…

I created my own board game!

It is amazing what a little inspiration, a big gulp of Code Red Mountain Dew from a movie theater, and the following 7 hours will do for you.  For me, that was the moment my board game was created.  While I had the idea for a game for a few months, it took that combination for me to actually get the ball rolling.

While many of you have played my game, so many more have not and I would LOVE for all of you to play this game at some point.

I’m still not uber comfortable with divulging all of the details of my game, let’s just say that it involves building towers on a game board and making sure that you own a sizable chunk of that real estate.

To this point, I’ve already created my own playing cards and have had them printed.  I have also tried a few different attempts at making pieces for the game, but none of them have worked well.  Luckily, I’m in the process of exploring another avenue.  I hope to know a little more sometime next week.

Over the next however many months, I’m going to continue to work on the game and I hope that someday all of you will have the opportunity to play it.

Until then, check out the picture above for a sneak peak of the game!

On a side note, thank you to everyone who has influenced this game from its inception.  We’ve had many play testing sessions and quite a few rule changes, but I think the game is one that will be fun to play.

Here’s to a successful 2013!

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