Social Media Success: Sears

searsThere are some companies that do social media the right way and some that do it some other way they probably think is right.  Sears, from what I can tell, is a company that does it the right way.

Here’s what I’m talking about…

On December 23rd, I ordered a grinder online at for my dad for Christmas.  (Full disclosure: He actually sat there and picked it out.  I just put my credit card information in – Christmas Shopping at its finest!)  Anyway, the website said that there was one left in stock so we bought it and I made the trek out to the mall to pick it up.  I had some other stuff in my virtual cart as well that I was picking up.

I got to Sears and everything came out except the grinder.  The clerk had to look it up and found that it had been canceled because they didn’t have it in stock.  Luckily, that wasn’t my dad’s only gift… but still.  I wasn’t happy.  The money was refunded to my account within a couple of days, but I was grinderless (that’s a word, right?).

Last night, I took to Twitter to figure out if Sears had a customer care account.  Sure enough, after going to the main Twitter account for Sears, the description directed me to @SearsCares, their customer service Twitter account.

The main page was @Sears, but the description says to contact @SearsCares.
The main page was @Sears, but the description says to contact @SearsCares.

Here’s my tweet and their response.

My post and then their reply.  The reply came the next morning.
My post and then their reply. The reply came the next morning.

As they suggested, I sent them a DM (direct message) with my contact information.  Mind you, when I send contact information, it is name and email address.  That should be all they need to contact me.  It was.  I sent them the information this morning and by this afternoon, I had an email from Sears doing their best to make it right.

Here's the email I received from Sears.
Here’s the email I received from Sears.

The company is doing what it takes to keep the customer happy and that’s important.  Here’s what I really liked about my experience with the social media department at Sears…  First off, it was easy to find who to tweet to.  I knew Sears would have a Twitter and the description on their page told me to contact their customer care department.  It was also a quick response.  We’re still tying up loose ends, but it took less than a day to get a resolution.  Finally, there’s nothing wrong with, as Sarah from Sears put it, a “show of good faith.”

So, why am I writing this post?  Well, I wanted to make sure that their efforts don’t go unnoticed.  We see a lot of people complaining about companies, but not too often do we see praise.  That’s what this post is about… praise!

Thanks Sears, for knowing how to work together with your customers to make them just a little happier!

UPDATE: When I sent my email back to them, I asked if there was anything they could do to help me get my dad his gift since I’ll be leaving for Wisconsin.  I just got a reply back offering an extra $5 on the gift card to cover the shipping.  That’s great customer relations.

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