From One Extreme To Another

It's been dry.

It’s never ceases to amaze me how we can go from one side of the spectrum to the other around here when it comes to weather. It’ll be 90 one day and the next we’re struggling to hit 60 degrees. Or, it’ll be extremely wet for several months… I’m talking major flooding… and then we’re talking about needing rain a couple months later. That is the case right now. We need rain, or at least we will soon.

Take a look at the graphic to the right. This outlines some details about our current situation.

As of July 15th, we only had 0.33″ of rain at the Johnstown – Cambria County Airport.  That’s over 2 inches below normal.  Our last half-inch rainfall came on May 24th and the last time we had over an inch of rain in a single day was March 23rd.

So where are we so far for the month and year across the state?  Take a look at the graphics below.  The first one is the month-to-date graphic.  Notice that most counties across the state are 75% or more below normal.  That’s a sure sign that we’ll need some rain soon.

Year-to-date departures from normal.

The graphic below is a year-to-date look at our precipitation departures.  The light green is actually a little above average while the light blue is 25-50% above average.  So, it looks like that in the long run, we’re still above average, but not by much!

Month-to-date precipitation departures.

There is a chance of some rain this week, but not a lot.  The best bet will come late Monday into Tuesday with just isolated chances through the weekend.  Don’t expect much unless you end up under a quick thunderstorm.


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