The WX Factor: Hunting

The first Monday after Thanksgiving is a big day for avid outdoorsmen all over the place.  It’s when they head out into the woods to try to bag that prize buck.  It’s obvious that the weather impacts the turnout, but can the weather impact whether or not you get a deer?  Absolutely!  Read on to learn how weather impacts hunting…

Back when I was working at WJAC, I would post each year to remind hunters about the weather’s impact on hunting. This is my new forum, so here goes…

First, it’s important to take the wind into consideration.  While the wind speed may not be that important, the wind direction is!  Think about it.  If you are walking toward the wind, it’ll be blowing your scent behind you.  If it’s blowing at your back, you’ll be sending a telegram to the deer saying ‘Can you smell that?  That’s me.  I’m coming for you.’  You don’t want to do that.  For that reason, you should walk into the wind!

Next, it’s important to consider the barometric pressure.  While there’s really nothing you can do about it on a single day, you might be able to plan a hunting trip around it.  Here’s how.  Look for days when the pressure will be falling.  Falling pressure normally means bad weather is on the way.  Deer can sense this and will tend to adjust their feeding habits, bringing them more into the open.  That’s very similar to what we do when bad weather is coming by running out to the store for bread, milk, and toilet paper.  With higher pressure (and nicer weather), the deer don’t need and aren’t as concerned about getting food.

So, what’s it going to be like for the first day of hunting this year?  Well, the results don’t look that great.  According to all the news I watched, the weather looks to be wet instead of white. Sorry guys!

Source: 23mm | Hunting Whitetail and Mule Deer in Bad Weather

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