May 27, 2011 – Covering Tornado Warnings (10 minutes of coverage) – I was on the air for about 80 minutes that night.
*Excuse the poor quality. This video was taken from our mass logger program. Audio will sync up about 2 minutes into the video.*

April 10, 2011 – Watching the risk for some stronger storms

April 8, 2011 – Tracking some heavier rain moving into the area

March 11, 2011 – Flooding still a concern in Blair County

January 7, 2011 – Tracking snow moving into the region

August 13, 2010 – Explaining temperature differences and showing weekend events

June 3, 2010 – Tracking some storms and showing lightning strikes

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  1. Jeff Oechslein say:


    Great job as always. Always impressed at how well your graphics look. I might have to steel a few ideas!


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